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Have you become broken due to a situation that came into your life out of the blue that flipped your world upside down? Do you find yourself going through one trial and test after the other despite your commitment to do things the right way? Have you become confused or angry with God due to the pain of life circumstance? You are not alone.

Every genuine believer goes through similar places of confusion and brokenness. Sometimes the brokenness is due to our own doings, and other times, it is because God has us in process because he is promoting us.

The good thing is God does not abandon us to a life of brokenness. Instead, he posts himself up to us even closer to get to us the right perspectives of his heart and mind toward us that makes us whole. There is something so precious about a father who looks out for his children. This is what God has done in Russelyn’s life when she questioned God and was tempted to give in to settling into a life of brokenness.

Russelyn Williams discusses in “The Wholeness Action Plan” Biblical truths that will shift a broken person’s perspective into one of wholeness. This wholeness will come from the consistent reminders of who we are in Christ and God’s good plans for us. Many times, where and how we see ourselves in life have to do with our mindsets. If we can become whole in our thinking, we can become whole in every area of our lives.

God is so great that he takes the hardest things of life and turns it into something for our good. There can be benefits in a broken life that is submitted to Jesus Christ. Add your email below to receive a free Condensed Wholeness Action Plan Handout.


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Has God made you a promise of a spouse? Do you sometimes feel discouraged because of the wait and the various lessons learned along the way? Have you battled with rejection, feelings of being alone, or the idea of compromising because of your plight? Guess what? You are not alone. There are many of God’s daughters on the same path. This path isn’t easy. There are distractions, lies from the enemy, assaults at our character and worth as women, but it all works to make us stronger, and better. As we develop into the beautiful women of God that God has called us to be; we realize that nothing that we have gone through has been in vain, but that it has all been preparation for our promise after all. “The Single Christian Woman’s Guide” is a book that goes through some of the struggles that Single Christian women face, and shares some nuggets to help single Christian women stand firm in their season of singleness.


What People Are Saying:


I pray this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you how MUCH your book “The Single Christian Woman’s Guide” has touched my life. I have a very similar story to yours in my pursuit of a Godly relationship. I committed my life to Christ at the age of 7 and been living for Him ever since. I’m now in my 30s and I’ve struggled with my faith in God to provide me with a Godly relationship. Your book clearly articulated and outlined and supported with scripture what I need to do as a Christian Woman in this time of waiting. As I read your book it was as if you had me specifically in mind as you wrote it. Each page was filled with encouragement. I’m so grateful for your courage in writing this book. God has certainly used your experience to help others and I’m glad you were obedient to his prompting in telling your story. After reading your book (I completed reading it in November 2016) I have continued to reference it as I have moments of doubt. I have also purchased the book for two of my girlfriends who in a similar situation as me.

Ryan W.

I read your book on being content single and I must say, Job well done! I felt like you were telling my story through my 23 years. It helped me remain content and understand more about my singleness. I appreciate that you were obedient to writing it and I will recommend it to my friends who are experiencing the same things.


 Literally just finished reading your book. It has been the best book for Single’s I’ve read so far. I’m 28 years old and still waiting on my husband to be. I was searching on a book website for books for singles recently and yours was the first that popped up. I’ve been fully single for about 4 years with few relationships in my life but they were ones that tore me apart. Most of my life I have been single because I knew none of them or any guy I had met was my husband. But I had those relationships out of boredom and impatience. I felt like reading your book that I am you. The things you suffered, I suffer and the same going back and forth with God on ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘what are you doing in my life’. Your book definitely helped me put a few things into perspective for my time of singleness. Lately, the last few months have been sad, lovely and depressing but the more I press into God’s word, promises and have a person of God prophesy over me His promises I know I am closer to the promises of God. Not only that but my relationship I know is closer than ever. I keep going back to a long time ago when I prayed to God to get me to where I am closer to Him than ever and have Him as my number 1 before meeting my husband, my mind often goes back to that prayer because I know that’s what He wants for me first is to know who I am in Christ and to be His one love before having a man in my life. I just felt so strongly for you while reading your book because I could relate on every level that you experienced. I was a virgin until I lost it to this total loser or a guy when I was 23. He totally turned my life into a mess and I made a huge mistake and went on a downward spiral after that. My whole life I wanted more than anything to save that for my husband and knew that it was destiny. Now that I am a born again virgin I have remade that vow to save it for someone who deserves it but I am so over joyed to see that someone like you has saved such a special thing for as long as you have. You truly deserve the best man and God is bringing that to you (if he hasn’t already) thank you for your ministry and this book! I posted it for my friends (few singles) but hopefully at least one of them will purchase your book and take it into consideration for their own life to follow after God’s heart. I am amazed that God has built up such strong and talented woman such as you to preach as you have to Single woman around the world. For me it was so much more special to read your book because you were single through writing the whole book. I have read so many blogs about woman who went through the trials of singleness then immediately found a husband and it was like it was so easy for them. So those in my mind became more discouraging. I pray God blesses you beyond belief in your nearest and latter future. Thank you again for being an inspiring woman of God. Thank you!


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