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Has God made you a promise of a spouse? Do you sometimes feel discouraged because of the wait and the various lessons learned along the way? Have you battled with rejection, feelings of being alone, or the idea of compromising because of your plight? Guess what? You are not alone. There are many of God’s daughters on the same path. This path isn’t easy. There are distractions, lies from the enemy, assaults at our character and worth as women, but it all works to make us stronger, and better. As we develop into the beautiful women of God that God has called us to be; we realize that nothing that we have gone through has been in vain, but that it has all been preparation for our promise after all. “The Single C

hristian Woman’s Guide” is a book that goes through some of the struggles that Single Christian women face, and shares some nuggets to help single Christian women stand firm in their season of singleness.


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