About the author - JpegRusselyn Williams is the author of “The Single Christian Woman’s Guide” and the visionary for “Holy Neck Swirl”. She has had her various struggles on her way to wholeness in which she continues to overcome through her intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Coming out on the other side of some of her struggles, she reaches back with a heart to share with other women who have  similar struggles of rejection, isolation, confusion, lack of identity and other things that rob us of our wholeness. She notes, that from the outside, many Christian women appear to have it together, but only God knows what goes on in the fragments of our soul. It is God’s will and God’s desire that we are whole in Christ. For more about the author, visit the bio page of Intercession For A Generation. Russelyn Williams is the founder of Intercession for A Generation, an award winning young adult blog and ministry pointing her generation to Jesus Christ.


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