A brand of Intercession For A Generation. Holy Neck Swirl is a movement of empowerment and confidence specifically for women. Holy Neck Swirl embodies a different kind of attitude. An attitude of confidence, boldness, identity, wholeness, and trust rooted in Christ.

There are so many women going around broken and looking for their identity and worth from broken men. The result becomes a woman who is still yet broken and frustrated lacking the confidence and identity needed to receive all that God has for her. She repeats a cycle of frustration disqualifying herself for God’s best, as she accepts whatever life sends her way.

There are many reasons for brokenness in women and lack of identity. Probably, the most prominent reason is the lack of a father in a woman’s life. Father’s provide stability, security, identity, and protection. They confirm their daughter’s worth by affirming her and telling her who she is, how beautiful she is, and protecting her with all of the vigor that he can muster. When a girl lacks this, there is an immediate sense of brokenness and lack that causes a woman to either consciously or subconsciously search for this in relationships with men.

Without the right men in place to properly cover the woman in this situation; she is left open for all types of ill-willed men.

Then there are those women who have had a father in their lives, but their father may not have been in a position to model for his daughter what an appropriate man should look like for her. The father in this case may have had deficiencies himself that prevented him from knowing how to act that out. The girl in this case often looks for what she feels she lacks in relationships with men without necessarily realizing it because in her mind she has a father, but she knows that the way that her father treats women isn’t right. Her father may be physically and verbally abusive toward women or the girl’s mother. As well as, lack the wherewithal to show his daughter the necessary affection and affirmation needed. This girl searches for a guy to confirm that all men are not like what she has grown up with.

In either situation, where the father is missing or where the father is present, but not at his needed potential just yet, God is enough. God is enough to heal us, love us, and to provide for us what we lack to the point where we are whole and full feelings as though we lack nothing.

The brokenness that many women carry and attempt to fix with looking to men; may have come from any number of things, but despite where the brokenness comes from God is enough to take all of our broken pieces and make us whole again.

Below are some steps that can help in a woman’s process to wholeness in Christ:


Intimacy signifies a close association so much so where there is a strong feeling of security, rest, warmth, acceptance, and worth. Intimacy is built based on a knowing of someone in a manner that is close, real, and intentional. Ladies, the foundation for becoming whole in Christ is getting to know Christ intimately. (Learning About Intimacy with God through Moses.)


After we have gotten our worth, value, and acceptance in God, we should be comfortable enough for God to start dealing with us about some people that we may have to forgive. Maybe, the man who did us wrong, or the father who wasn’t there, or the parents who got a divorce. Whatever, the situation may be we need to be able to forgive that person(s) letting go of all of the anger and pain associated with the person(s) involved. Forgiveness is important because it sets us free. A person who is unforgiving becomes bound by the circumstance or person who caused an offense.

While life goes on for everyone else, the offended party is the one who becomes hardened, bitter, angry, and prideful which only hurts one-self. We owe it to ourselves to forgive, and it is God’s will that we forgive. When we choose not to forgive others we place ourselves in the place of God saying that his sacrifice of his son was not good enough for the person who offended us. God says however that how we judge others is how we judge ourselves, so if we do not forgive, we will not get forgiveness either. A girl cannot be whole and carry the weight of unforgiveness at the same time, and God loves us to much to not tell us to let it go.


While reconciliation may not be possible for every situation, there are times when God will call for reconciliation. In particularly in the relationships of fathers and their children. God loves to reconcile Mothers and fathers to their children.

He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction. Malachi 4:6

God is so serious about restoring parents to their children that he says this is his will or else he will strike the land with destruction. Reconciliation often provides healing, understanding, and benefits all parties involved. Everyone’s story is different of course. For some people reconciliation may not take place for a number of years depending on the circumstances. Whenever reconciliation is possible, it is a good thing. This does not mean accepting negative behavior or allowing abusive relationships, but being able to be peaceable in the meeting of relationships that may have been severed.


After walking with the Lord for a little while in an intimate relationship having experienced forgiveness and reconciliation, we began to get a feel for the character of God and how he desires to work things together for our good. Our hope and trust in God should at that point begin to increase. Our doubt begins to diminish and we continue to build in our identities in Christ allowing ourselves to be formed and shaped by God’s hand.


Last but not lest is a level of faith in God that exudes confidence. Like Moses we find that God is real, and his plans and purposes for our lives our real, and if we continue to trust in him, we will be alright. Our confidence grows in not only hearing that God has us, but knowing that he has us, and thus there is nothing that we cannot do when rooted in him.

Discuss how there are so many women out there who have been broken. They go from one relationship to the next looking for someone to fix them, but God is saying that he is enough to heal us, cover us, and to take all of our broken pieces and make us whole again.

So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority.
 Colossians 2:10

Finally, Holy Neck Swirl is an attitude of Christian women who have decided to hold up a standard in Christ, and in holding up that standard; these women encourage men to hold up a standard as well simply through their stance. No compromise! No settling!


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