Single, Virgin, Never Had a Boyfriend Until 33 Update (2017)


In two weeks, I will be 34, still a virgin, never married, but now I can say that I have had a boyfriend, which is sort of awkward. Watch the below video to find out why. The below video displays my mindset now as a soon to be 34 year old virgin, who is single and Christian.

I focus on some of the strongest battles that singles have to fight which are causing us to despise who we are, compromise, and lose our hope. I focus in on how we are blessed, instead of being in a position of one who is lacking or in dyer straits.

Allow the video to encourage you to renew your mind in how you may view yourself as a single. There are stigmas that we have to face that may make us feel weird, but we don’t have to allow the stigmas to make us feel ashamed.

In the beginning, I discuss the fight that I have found rest from as a single, the awkwardness of being single at an older age, and things that have helped me to overcome. Last year, I recorded a video “Single, Virgin, 33 and never had a boyfriend. To see last year’s video follow Intercession For A Generation’s Youtube channel .

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Virgin, Never Had a Boyfriend, and Single Update (2017)

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