The expectation, and affirmation that God is setting in our lives will assist us in being content in the season that we are in. Being content is the prelude for being ready to receive more.

Godliness with contentment is great gain. 1Timothy 6:6

I was in prayer on October 22nd, and began to journal what I believed the Lord was sharing with me. I believe the Lord reminded me of one of my male relatives who corrected me twice about not having an expectation to be treated in a particular way as to remind me of my worth.

I believe God reminded me of this because I need to be aware of what God has already placed in my life, and be thankful for it in order to know how I am to be treated, and to rest easy in that it is okay to have an expectation to be treated in a particular way as a woman, and even more importantly a daughter of God.

I believe that God is sending physical manifestations of his love to his daughters who have been fighting to be loved. Physical manifestations are God’s affirmations in the flesh of how he values us, and how he feels about us. This has already started in my life. This year, I have met more men of God my age who are sold out for Christ than ever before.

When I say physical examples of men in the flesh, I am not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship, but simply examples of men in general who remind us of our worth as women, and women of God.

We need to learn to receive love before God could provide love for us. The lack of love and physical affirmation causes women to question themselves and if we are indeed worthy of love. It also causes women to take a stance of protecting herself when she sees men instead of just being and enjoying life with discernment and wisdom. In some cases, it has caused women to make poor choices that has led to fornication, and unwed pregnancies.

This is not God’s will for us to view ourselves so low that we are willing to do anything to feel loved. When we do this, we place ourselves in an even more demoted position, because the Lord likens sex unto worship. God’s word says those that have sex with one another become one, and those that submit themselves to Christ also become one. Submission to Christ is worship (1 Corinthians 6:16-17).

In other words there is an appropriate oneness, and an inappropriate oneness. One is founded in Christ where God places two believers together, and after marriage they become one. This relationship continues to grow because it is rooted in Christ. The other is a form of idolatry. Idolatry is a reduced reflection of the real thing. Satan wants to use our lack of an expectation for a reduced level of what God wants us to have. That is a false reflection of love, acceptance, and affirmation.

If you have fallen into the a reduced relationship of idolatry and sin, do the below steps:

  1. Repent
  2. Ask God for wisdom to get back on track.
  3. Set boundaries that you feel God has given you to prevent fornication following Christ as he leads you.
  4. Get around other women who will hold you accountable intentionally. Don’t wait for these women to find you; you find them.
  5. Distance yourself from those who would condemn you, and speak an identity over you other than what Christ has already said.

In the below video, I discuss how it is a part of the man’s makeup to affirm women, and to give identity to those around him. However, ladies the only identity that we should respond to is the identity that God has already said. If a guy isn’t hanging out with the Lord, he will be limited in giving appropriate identity to those around him. The reason why a man gives identity is because men are made to reflect Christ Biblically.

I also discuss how God gives examples in the flesh prior to getting ready to bring his promise to pass to prepare the recipient, so that we can receive it. I use Abraham as an example who waited 15 years for his promise from God to manifest. God also provided a sign in Abraham’s flesh to remind him of the promise to assist him in being content and having an expectation until the appointed time.

Watch the video below:

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God is raising the Expectation of his Daughters to Cause Contentment & Affirmation:

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