In this interview, I discuss how important our identity is, and how we will be fought in our identity the most throughout our lives because everything comes out of our identity. Meaning everything comes out of how we see ourselves including our choices. That is why we are fought so hard in our identities.

For those who do not know their identities, I don’t believe it is a good ideal for them to be dating. It’s like trying to build your relationship on an unstable foundation. It’s almost always doomed to fail.

Also, when selecting a mate, we should always go with the fruit of the Spirit over gifts of the Spirit. Single women of God are often taken by men who have spiritual gifts, but lack the character to produce sustainable fruit in their personal lives which will spill over into the marriage causing for an unhealthy and an unsustainable marriage.

I shared in the audio, how I warned a friend prior to her marrying a brother about his inconsistent behavior. My friend married him anyway. There were several infidelities in the marriage shortly afterward. It ended in divorce, and the woman was so broken that she ran away from God, and her close friends that were still walking with God.

The brother went to church consistently, listened to gospel music, prayed in the Spirit, and prophesied, but the consistent fruit in his life showed that his character was off, and thus he was not ready for a marriage commitment. We cannot assume someone is ready for marriage because they look the part in the realm of spiritual gifts. They need to be the part in consistent character and display of the fruits of the Spirit. The word of God is what gives us discernment to discern the character of a person along with prayer, and godly counsel.

Galatians 5:19-25 discusses plainly what the fruit of the spirit is versus the works of the flesh. We will need discernment in sifting a person’s character out in considering a spouse. Choose wisely.

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What Are You Really Getting?
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